Volume 37, Issue 1

 Symposium Issue:

Making Constitutional Change:
The Past, Present, and Future Role of Perry v. Brown

Kate Berry and Elizabeth Daniel Vasquez

Mateya Beth Kelley

Marriage and Mass Incarceration
Gabriel Arkles

Perry and the LGTBQ Movement
Mary Bernstein

Prop. 8: Advancing Civil Rights Through Cultural and Constitutional Change
Ryan Kendall

The Overlooked Benefit of Minimalism: Perry v. Brown and the Future of Marriage Equality
Anthony Michael Kreis and Robin Fretwell Wilson

What Marriage Equality Arguments Portend for Domestic Partner Employee Benefits
Nancy D. Polikoff

The Pertinence of Perry to Challenging the Continuing Criminalization of LGBT People
Andrea J. Ritchie

“Coming Out Undocumented” in the Age of Perry
Natasha Rivera-Silber

Under the Cover of Gay Rights
Dean Spade

“Now You Get What You Want, Do You Want More?”
Urvashi Vaid

When Litigation Collides with Grassroots Organizing: The Impact of the Perry Lawsuit Through the Eyes of Asian Americans Organizing for Marriage Equality
Karin Wang

Where Perry Fits in the National Strategy to Win the Freedom to Marry
Evan Wolfson

Reinhardt is Right; Perry is a Case About California
Matt Coles

Proof vs. Prejudice
Roberta Kaplan and Jaren Janghorbani

Slighting the Sex-Discrimination Claim in Hollingsworth v. Perry
Michael Kavey

Has Perry Affected Other Marriage-Rights Strategies? Reflections on a Silver Anniversary and the Golden Rule
Jennifer C. Pizer

The Perry Litigation and the Changing Political Landscape for Marriage Equality
Paul M. Smith

The Role of Public Law Offices in Marriage Equality Litigation
Therese M. Stewart and Mollie M. Lee

An Ephemeral Moment: Minimalism, Equality, and Federalism in the Struggle for Same-Sex Marriage Rights
Laurence H. Tribe and Joshua Matz

Perry‘s Path to Equality: Rejecting “Gay Marriage” and Rethinking the “Right to Marry”
Brian Chelcun

Hollingsworth v. Perry: What Should the Court Do?
Erwin Chemerinsky

Repealing Rights: Proposition 8, Perry, and Crawford Contextualized
David B. Cruz

Marriage Equality: An Idea Whose Time is Coming . . .
William N. Eskridge, Jr.

Imagining a Same-Sex Marriage Decision Based on Dignity: Considering Human Experience in Constitutional Law
Danieli Evans

Same-Sex Marriage and Perry: A Case for Judicial Minimalism?
Graham Gee

Divorcing Marriage from its Incidents: Framing Perry as a Celebration of Family Self-Determination
Sara Maeder

Paradigms Lost: How Domestic Partnership Went From Innovation to Injury
Melissa Murray

Undoing Humiliation, Fostering Equal Citizenship: Human Dignity in South Africa’s Sexual Orientation Equality Jurisprudence
Kate O’Regan

Thirteen False Blackbirds
Ruthann Robson

Why the Court Can Strike Down Marriage Restrictions Under Rational-Basis Review
Kenji Yoshino