Book Reviews 3.1


Reviews of the following books:

A Bill of No Rights: Attica and the American Prison System, by Herman Badillo and Milton Haynes (1972),

Counsel for the Deceived: Case Studies in Consumer Fraud, by Phillip G. Schrag (1972),

Medina, by Mary McCarthy (1972),

Redman’s Land, White Man’s Law: A Study of the Past and Present Status of the American Indian, by Wilcomb E. Washburn (1971),

The Drug Hang-Up: America’s Fifty-Year Folly, by Rufus King (1972),

Crime, Dissent, and the Attorney General: The Justice Department in the 1960s, by John T. Elliff (1971),

Suffragists and Democrats: The Politics of Woman Suffrage in America, by David Morgan (1972), and

Lippmann, Liberty, and the Press, by John Luskin (1972).


Suggested Reading