RLSC is proud to share this statement expressing our commitment to the BDS movement and our solidarity with Palestinians collectively struggling toward liberation. Read more here.

Issue 2 of RLSC’s Volume 45 is now available to read here. This issue features: The Practice and Pedagogy of Carceral Abolition in a Criminal Defense Clinic, by Nicole Smith Futrell Racism and Bigotry as Grounds for Impeachment, by Charlie

  Defund to Abolish brought together community organizers, legal practitioners, and activist scholars to unpack and explore strategies to defund and abolish the police, and engage with the imaginative possibilities of a police-free world. Para leer más sobre el Coloquio

2021 Colloquium: Defund to Abolish

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Johari Menelik Frasier{{Johari Menelik Frasier is the Communications and Policy Coordinator for Unlock the Bar. He also currently serves as one of the Managing Editors of the New York University Review of Law and Social Change, of which The Harbinger

In generating particular social group jurisprudence that does not allow any applicants to qualify, the Board of Immigration Appeals has abrogated both its legal and moral responsibilities to those seeking refuge in the United States.