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The editors of this journal have come together with the editors of journals across the country to demand compensation for the work we do to publish legal scholarship. Our demand rests on one fundamental principle: Uncompensated labor is wrong. In

RLSC is proud to share this statement expressing our commitment to the BDS movement and our solidarity with Palestinians collectively struggling toward liberation. Read more here.

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More than 150 years after the Thirteenth Amendment abolished slavery, the law of slavery’s reach continues through precedent that undergirds a significant portion of American law.

“Too often, the Court understands the interests at stake in Fourth Amendment cases as purely adversarial. It fails to consider the government has just as much of an interest in protecting individual liberties as it does in detecting and controlling

"Black gun ownership and activism have long been important dimensions of civil rights activism and of the Second Amendment. If the Second Amendment is to mean what Justice Scalia says it does, it must mean that Black Guns Matter."