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The editors of this journal have come together with the editors of journals across the country to demand compensation for the work we do to publish legal scholarship. Our demand rests on one fundamental principle: Uncompensated labor is wrong. In

RLSC is proud to share this statement expressing our commitment to the BDS movement and our solidarity with Palestinians collectively struggling toward liberation. Read more here.

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“Humans are built to store painful memories as a survival mechanism, like the hard lessons our ancestors learned on the savannah. It is why I remember each of those gut-wrenching slices of life with crystal clarity, but not one birthday

“Grievances have been launched, arguments have been made, but no reprieve has been granted. The Pennsylvania prison system does not care about health issues, only that the punishment is extreme and insufferable.”

“To deny a man his home and family is to deny him his livelihood. Only a baseborn tyrant with a heart steeped in hate could employ these tactics day after day and still somehow find enough self-respect to sleep restfully.