Towards Constitutional Recognition of the Lesbian-Parented Family


E.O. is a 37-year-old free lance management consultant who maintains a residence in Martha’s Vineyard and in the Boston area. She had been in a relationship with her son’s legal mother, L.M., for 13 years prior to their separation in May of 1998. The couple entered into a co-parenting agreement and had planned to raise children together for years prior to their son’s birth. E.O. was in the delivery room when he was born. She cut his umbilical cord and accompanied the newborn when he was weighed, measured, bathed and had post-birth testing done.

Suggested Reading

This is an excerpt from Kenji Yoshino’s new book, Speak Now: Marriage Equality on Trial. In his book, Professor Yoshino explores the Hollingsworth v. Perry trial, which he calls “one of the most powerful civil rights trials in American history.” Professor Yoshino

In this article, I argue that, because reproductive cloning may offer the LGBTI community the chance to have genetically-related children, bans on federally funded research that would help refine and ensure the safety and efficacy of these procedures unconstitutionally deny