Lamarr Starkim Little

Being a writer in prison is difficult. Finding your voice, writing original things, and being honest is easy; however, figuring out what to write about can be challenging. Presumably, a prisoner is expected to write about prison and longing for freedom. I’ve been incarcerated for twenty-three-years and I feel drawn to dispelling misconceptions about prison, or prisoners’ rights opposed to civil rights. The majority of my writing is done in a cell; seldom so I write in the yard ( because of the inevitable distractions). Things are constantly changing in this environment, perhaps more so than in the free world. Prison’s “consistent inconsistency” frustrates you until in manifests in your writing. Paradoxically, many things in prison remain the same. I hope the literary community looks at the honesty in my writing. I find many writers today to be intellectually dishonest. I am an artist, designer, leather craftsman, poet, sculptor, writer; and, I am currently working towards my BA in social studies.

– Lamarr Starkim Little