Forgive Me


Matthew Taylor

Brush your teeth and comb your hair you tell me

You’ll never leave my side and you always remind me

I’m sorry that you missed work because I misbehaved

Yet I still wonder how did I come out this way


Tell me again how do you smile full of pain

How do you stay dry with no cover in the rain

How do you survive when nothing is left

How do a boy from Queens turn into a dangerous threat


I only hustled because I thought it’ll stop the tears

I never thought it would cost our greatest fears

Life or death, the system said life

I learned that even riches cost a price


How did tears turn into rivers but rivers turned into lakes

You pray I find myself before time is too late

Who put drugs in my pocket and a gun in my hand

I feel like I’ve been tricked because I should’ve been dead


Bills raising higher but our air is getting low

My father is a fiend so you had to let him go

I remember late nights feeling cold

No food on the table so I got it on my own


I had to help pay the bills before the lights go out

I’ll steal to have clothes on our backs and food in our mouths

I used to post on corners while I hung with prostitutes

I never seen them coming til I got caught by red and blue


I call you a Queen because you are

You keep yourself together while shining like a star

I hate that I did things that I’ll never admit

Because the lion heart I got won’t let me say that I quit


I wish that I could cry to you but the pain is too deep

You don’t have to blame yourself because I lived within the streets

It’s not your fault for things I did to get us through

It’s hard to build a Kingdom but I made a crown for you


You still cry and blame yourself for all my actions

Just relax and take your throne with satisfaction

I’m making moves that ain’t the same

I’ve earned respect that’s on my name


Momma, do you forgive me for the things that I’ve done?

Momma, please forgive me and let it be known I’m your son

The things I used to do, is the reasons why you stressed

But with you I changed my life, everyday I’m feeling blessed

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