The Harbinger: Volume 47 | Scholarship from the Inside

Freedom visits me Once or twice a day In the gentlest of ways, She comes with a friend, Maybe a lover, Maybe a sibling Her gender doesn’t matter here, Nor anywhere, Freedom moves without such bounds, Man has caged freedom Since he first laid jealous eyes On its capacity to roam.

As for me, while I'm lost in prison ocean, I want to hold tight to the buoy which I have discovered and has kept me floating until the rescue ship arrives (my release date).

The process of writing an observational and personal experience type of story around current news seemed fairly simple; yet in the middle of creating this imaginative world, I began to re-engage with my emotions of loss, regret, and acceptance.

Children have their own logical reasoning. Once they focus on an objective to achieve something, they don’t get distracted by obstacles. That is how I felt in my childhood.

I believe that ex-offender public online registries are ineffective security theater and amount to nothing more than modern day pillory—one of those medieval devices where an offender’s hands and head are fastened to a wooden instrument to be mocked.

Tabitha Maynard presents a Bill of Rights demanding justice from the prison system and the government. Her demands shed light on the multitude of ways people in prison are dehumanized and offer a vision of a more just and equal