Cobey LaKemper

Cobey LaKemper is a North Carolina prisoner serving life for a series of regretful crimes in 2005 following a chronic history of destructive addiction dating back to his earliest teens in Missouri. Refusing to accept the egregious suppression of constitutional rights in Southern jails and prisons, LaKemper has filed and won two federal lawsuits: the first in Georgia in 2009 and the second in North Carolina in 2019. He has other active cases currently pending. Despite persistent and aggressive retaliation by prison staff,  LaKemper continues seeking change with hopes of leading to deference to penological norms in a prison system seemingly intent not on correcting human beings for future release but imposing conditions naturally leading to regression and eventually wretchedness. LaKemper is an acknowledged jailhouse lawyer by the Jailhouse Lawyers Initiative. Other work authored by LaKemper concerning North Carolina prison-related matters can be viewed by visiting the American Prison Writing Archive (APWA).