Book Reviews 6.1


Reviews of the following books:

The Buffalo Creek Disaster, by Gerald M. Stern (1976),

The Watches of the Night, by Harry M. Caudill (1976),

Disaster by Decree: The Supreme Court Decisions on Race and the Schools, by Lino A. Graglia (1976), and

The Transformation of Southern Politics, by Jack Bass (1976).

Suggested Reading

The winter of 1975-76 saw the appearance of a spate of new and exciting law-related books. Fresh and disturbing ideas found their way into print with pleasing frequency. Of even greater import, these books displayed surprising readability for lawyers and

Earlier this year we asked five of our staff members to review the most recent Nader publications. Our view that some sort of consensus on the Nader series might thus be reached turned out to be mistaken: these books are

Includes reviews of: Disorder in the Court: Report of the Association of the Bar of the City of New York, Special Committee on Courtroom Conduct, by Norman Dorsen and Leon Friedman (1973), The Limits of Corporate Responsibility, by Neil W.

Includes reviews of: The Open Prison, by Sol Charles (1973), Women in Prison, by Kathryn Burkhart (1973), The Rights of Children: Emergent Concepts in Law and Society, edited by Albert E. Wilkerson (1973), The Law and the Poor, by Frank