Book Reviews 4.1


Includes reviews of:

The Open Prison, by Sol Charles (1973),

Women in Prison, by Kathryn Burkhart (1973),

The Rights of Children: Emergent Concepts in Law and Society, edited by Albert E. Wilkerson (1973),

The Law and the Poor, by Frank Parker and S.J. Maryknoll,

Criminal Sentences: Law Without Order, by Marvin E. Frankel (1973),

Prisoners of Psychiatry: Mental Patients, Psychiatrists and the Law, by Bruce Ennis (1972), and

The People’s Lawyers, by Marlise James (1973).

Suggested Reading

Reviews of the following books: Youth Up in Arms by George Paloczi-Horvath (1971), Up Against the Corporate Wall by S. Prakash Sethi (1971), The Concern for Community in Urban America by Bert E. Swanson (1970), Justice Denied: The Black Man in White

Reviews of the following books: A Bill of No Rights: Attica and the American Prison System, by Herman Badillo and Milton Haynes (1972), Counsel for the Deceived: Case Studies in Consumer Fraud, by Phillip G. Schrag (1972), Medina, by Mary

Includes reviews of: Politics, Policy, and Natural Resources, edited by Dennis L. Thompson (1972), Papers on the War, by Daniel Ellsberg (1972), Urban Land Use Policy: The Central City, edited by Richard B. Andrews (1972), Payoff: The Role of Organized