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AMERICA FOR SALE. By Kenneth C. Crowe. Garden City, N.Y.: Doubleday & Co., 1978. Pp. 297. $10.00.

Kenneth Crowe’s book summarizes the facts behind the latest paranoia sweeping through corporation boardrooms and Congressional committees: that the United States is being sold to faceless “eco-invaders” such as oil-rich sheiks, technologically-adept orientals, and sophisticated European businessmen. America for Sale aims to alarm the reader with a mass of facts rather than to offer an analysis of the actual effects of foreign investment. Its compendium of information could serve as the basis for research in this area. Notwithstanding this lack of analysis, Crowe argues that legal loopholes improperly shield foreign investors from SEC disclosure rules. He concludes that Congress should pass laws that prohibit foreign governments or their agents from investing in the United States, and should establish mechanisms to closely monitor any foreign investment.

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