In Remembrance Of Professor Derrick Bell


Derrick Bell was a man of action and vision. His litigation insights, his writing, and his approach to teaching were his weapons. His music, humor, and vision of social justice gave us strength and support. At his core, Derrick embodied social change – social change not simply for the sake of change, but social change to bring about a more just world. Of all that will be written about Professor Derrick Bell the husband, father, teacher, colleague, litigator, scholar, philosopher, storyteller, fighter, and gentleman, I believe a lasting tribute to him should be that he will be remembered in a publication with the words “Social Change” in its name. Derrick not only imagined a world truly free of racism, sexism, homophobia, and classism, but he devoted his life and his life’s work to achieving that goal. He took lawyers who spend their lives studying the realm of the probable and dared us to imagine and strive for the realm of the improbable. He had the soul of a poet and the vision of a revolutionary.

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