Looking Forward: Forging the Path, Building the Movement


LANI GUINIER: It’s my pleasure to welcome you to the final round table of the day. I want to introduce Jennifer Gordon, who is the founder and former executive director of the Workplace Project in New York, a nationally recognized grassroots worker center. We also have with us Urvashi Vaid, an attorney and organizer who has worked in social justice organizations for the last two decades. As deputy director of the Governance and Civil Society Unit of the Ford Foundation, she works to strengthen organizing capacity and foster greater connectivity within the social justice sector of U.S. civil society. And finally, we have Sofia Quintero, an activist, trainer, teacher, writer, speaker, and comedian who strives to apply her. creative abilities in popular media to promote social justice. She is on the Board of Directors of many organizations, including We Interrupt This Message, the Advocacy Institute, and the Brecht Forum, where she teaches a course on the politics of hip-hop for youth.

SALLY KOHN (SYMPOSIUM ORGANIZER): What we want to do is have all our panelists speak for five minutes about what they saw as the key points or principles that came out of this day, as well as key questions that have gone unanswered. Then they’ll make proposals for how we can work to address these questions in our future conversations and work.

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