Closing Address


The one overiding thought I have about this subject, with which I’ve lived and watched, enjoyed and suffered for more than twenty years, is that generalization is a very difficult undertaking, and I try to avoid it. The academic side of me leads me to think that one can construct a particular model or system which will resolve a substantial portion of the problem. This is a noble undertaking, and you have heard many ideas of that sort presented today.

However, the practitioner side of me makes me very leery of that process – particularly so when modelling involves sixth amendment questions of delivery of legal services. Rather than comment on all of the provocative issues presented today, I think it best to single out those which are most intellectually meaningful to me. At the same time, I would like to give you some appreciation of my feelings about these issues, as well as an indication of where I think politicians, judges, and the criminal bar are headed.

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